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please run the game through the patcher

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please run the game through the patcher

I have installed and parametered ISBoxer as seen in the video, but when I try to launch the game through innerspace, the loading screen starts up, and then the dreaded message "Please run the game through the patcher" appears.
I have tried with standalone version, steam version, with the parameters -solidstate -nosteam -bitraider.
Can someone help me ?

Thanks !


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Re: please run the game through the patcher

I have installed and parametered ISBoxer as seen in the video

Oh good!

with the parameters -solidstate -nosteam -bitraider.

Wait a minute! Not in the video. Actually it looks like the video skipped over the part where you would add the game, so I apologize for that not being clear from the video. You should probably not be using these parameters; Inner Space is not compatible with BitRaider, you should be using -nobitraider instead.

So from what you're describing, I should assume that you're pointing Inner Space at MarvelHeores2015.exe directly, with those Parameters? And -solidstate should be making it not show the "use the patcher" message. Based on these assumptions, it sounds like it should work fine.

But, you mention having attempted multiple times, so I don't know if you were adjusting the same Game Profile or creating new ones, and I also don't know that you pointed ISBoxer at the correct Game Profiles each time.

The good news is that to properly test whether it will launch the game correctly or not, you don't need to use ISBoxer. Just Right click Inner Space, find the game in the listing, and select the Game Profile to launch an instance of the game. If you get "Please run the game through the patcher" with that Game Profile, then it's not going to work via ISBoxer either. If you manage to get a Game Profile working to launch that way, then that is when you go back into ISBoxer, into the Characters list in the top left pane and select each one; then in the bottom right pane, for each one, make the Game and Game Profile drop-down boxes match what you just launched.

You can edit existing Game Profiles -- http://isboxer.com/wiki/Game_Profile -- or use Add Game. If it does not work to launch MarvelHeores2015.exe directly with -solidstate -nosteam -nobitraider but the same options work without IS then I'll look into that; in that case just point Inner Space at the launcher instead (as I did for the video)...


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Re: please run the game through the patcher

Ugh, i've tried all night long, yesterday, again today and it didn't work... Now it does :o
I don't really understand why, I just did like all the times :o
Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll buy the soft when the 7 days end :)


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Re: please run the game through the patcher

I'm having the same problem. Before I got a new hard drive I was even able to have ISB point directly to the executable in the Steam folder and it would work fine. Now I am not able to even start because Steam is suddenly blocking multiple instances of the game. So I downloaded the standalone version of the game. Made a new profile and double-checked it was pointing into Gazillion's folder and not Steam. It still kept trying to load the Steam version instead even after making a brand new profile and making certain that it was pointed at the correct binary for the standalone game. It still kept trying to use Steam so I completely uninstalled Steam and now I get the patcher error. I can't even manually open the game from the Gazillion folder without getting that error so Gazillion must have changed something.

It's become pretty frustrating. Poster above, is it still working for you after today's patch? I've logged tons of hours multi-boxing MH and this is the first time I've been completely clueless on what to do next.

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