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isobox curser glitch?

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isobox curser glitch?

When i create my marvel heroes accounts i am just using three boxes and my curser on game says it is somewhere but in reality it is treating the top box as a full screen and when it goes past two thirds of the way down from the top box it goes to my three others down below it. So I can't do shit since im constantly hitting the other boxes and its making me go fking MAD! Please help before my stupid trial is over since I am trying to see whether or not this software is actually worth buying.

not sure if this is the right place for this topic but after starting another isboxer account this time with this forum it kept telling me that my user name was wrong and after putting my foot through the monitor i noticed i just had to go to my email and verify............

Lots of putting my foot through the computer today with this software and its my fourth day. Well kind of considering it didn't work yesterday or the day before. I was going to purchase this since my buddy's all told me to however I can't even get through the seven day stinking trial without crap going wrong. So after my hue this is what is my problem and by the time i fix it ill have to decide should i even buy this if its just going to fk up on me?

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Re: isobox curser glitch?

Cursor issues have nothing to do with the Pro Configuration forum.

The Marvel Heroe's forum is here. You may benefit from reading it.

The thread on how to share your profile for help is stickied at the top of every page. You may benefit from reading it also.

Good luck with the purchase of your new monitor!

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