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Is this game fun to box?

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Post Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:38 am

Is this game fun to box?

Like say compared to Diablo 3? I've boxed D3 before but was thinking of giving this a shot.


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Re: Is this game fun to box?

If you like the Marvel characters, this game is definitely some fun to box. And free to play anyway ;)

When you start out, you should use the same hero since they move at different rates; different heroes will drop as items and be given as rewards to some missions. Once you've gotten more heroes you can switch on the fly pretty much any time


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Re: Is this game fun to box?


i played this as singlebox till 60 etc, so i figured i would multibox.

I setup 5 chars 1 jean grey and 4 storms, reason for this was jean grey has a group heal aura, 4 other storms has 2 different dmg/debuff auras that stack, awesome

3 huge issues with boxing this game atm, 2 are related 1 is obvious.

1-2 desync/game freeze:
This game will in open areas freeze for reasons unknown even in single player, not long freezes just short hickups
This brings us to desync, i 4 boxed diablo 3 and there desync is not a major issue but in this game it is.
With 5 chars you will find yourself trying to sync more often then not SO dont play in open areas cauze the feezes and hickups will make it very very tedious, but not enough to ruin the fun for me imo.

3- L O O T, there is no way you will be able to notice all the goodies that will CONSTANTLY drop ALL THE TIME :) lol, this game pukes loot with no obvious marker except for "Eternal Shard" or what are are called and the one thing you do not want to miss are uniques but it will be hard to see them, uniques are what D3 legendary should have been :)

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