Post Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:49 am

Re: Neverwinter Crash After Hitting Play

As posted to IRC, if you are getting a crash, what are the details of it? Most crashes, even those caught by WIndows will have a Details or More information link or button or something. If it says it can upload the details to "check for a solution" then there is probably a link to a file that the details of may be useful.

If there is no mention of a dump, then you can generate one yourself.

Download ProcDump from ... 96900.aspx. Unzip it and put it in a folder, like C:\DumpDir.

Open a command prompt as Admin,
Windows 7, go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt, right click on this, select "Run As Administrator"
Windows 8, open the desktop, press WIN+X, select "Command Prompt (Admin)"
Windows 10, Win, All Apps, Windows System, Command Prompt, right click on this, select "Run As Administrator"

Run the below command (replacing any parts as necessary for your installation of ProcDump).
C:\DumpDir\procdump -accepteula -e -t -ma -l -f "" -w "GameClient.exe" > C:\DumpDir\procdump.log

This should wait for your game to start.

Run your game via InnerSpace, and wait for the crash.

Then reply back and attach the log file and the dmp file you have generated in the C:\DumpDir folder.

If you can't attach the dmp file here (it may not like it, 1. because it is a binary, and 2. it's big), then email it to, referencing this thread. He may be able to spot something in it that will help devise a workaround.

If you're really keen you can upload the dmp file here:, it may point you to what the issue is.