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LoTRO/SWTOR/NWO/AoC/TSW Configuration File

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LoTRO/SWTOR/NWO/AoC/TSW Configuration File

You can use this Configuration for (Tested on these)
LoTRO - Lord of the Rings Online (6 Accounts Tested)
SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic (2 Accounts Tested)
NWO - Neverwinter Online (2 Accounts Tested)
AoC - Age of Conan (2 Accounts Tested)
TSW - The Secret World (2 Accounts Tested)

Works very well and easy to modify to suit your specific tastes.

Please Note: Even though it says SWTOR in the Config the Key Map Linking and Sequences are pretty much good for virtually any game. The above have been tested by myself. Obviously the higher end graphical games are more difficult to do more than two accounts. Most of the online games are easily playable with a 2 character group. At times more is needed but 95% of the time only 2 are needed.

Link Topic where the XML file is.



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Re: LoTRO/SWTOR/NWO/AoC/TSW Configuration File

Thanks for sharing !

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