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New Content (free)

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Post Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:02 pm

New Content (free)

Just wanted to see how people are liking the new Feywild content? I have only been playing it for a few days now and, while I don't like the time limited repeats, I do like what I see thus far.

It has been nice to have a reason to put my 2 60s back together in a Multi-boxing Duo to clear the mini-Dungeons & that has been a nice break from leveling my 5man group (~30)...

Curious what others think.


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Post Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:10 pm

Re: New Content (free)

I'm still working on leveling my first team. Everyone is at 22 atm. Can't wait to get further along.


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Post Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:32 pm

Re: New Content (free)

Sry, been in the middle of a career change and moving from Arizona to Hawaii... haven't had a single day to play in over 2 weeks. :cry:

Hope to try it all out though once I get settled into a new place and job sometime in the next month.

I'll make sure to stay on the forums tho and help ppl out - just no time to play...

Glad to hear your're up and running coplayer!
- Sylver


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Post Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:30 am

Re: New Content (free)

WOW Arizona to Hawaii big change. A perfect one for my tastes.
Good luck with the move and new job.

I have been meaning to check out some new content, but have been very busy with work.
Also with family here been playing a lot more board games (love Lords of Waterdeep).

Doesn't help I kind of got sucked into Final Fantasy XIV. I blame Mirai and his awesome movies.


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Post Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:24 pm

Re: New Content (free)

Norrin wrote:Doesn't help I kind of got sucked into Final Fantasy XIV. I blame Mirai and his awesome movies.


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