Post Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:13 am

Configuration Short-Hand

With any versatile tool, one can get confuzzled (confuse & puzzled) trying to figure out all of the possibilities. I see post after post, where people are asking how to configure their ISBoxer for Neverwinter. Mayhem ensues when those with advise try to understand their current configuration. All too often, they say wipe it clean and follow steps 1, 2, 3, since the surgery of deconflicting settings would be too time-consuming. For me, this doubles the frustration, since, being new, it's hard to wrap one's head all of the components that need to be backed and where. This tool is all about customizing the game to our own personal preferences. I would prefer not to trash hours of hard work unnecessarily.

I took a stab at putting the selections given to you in the same order the wizard gives them to you. It will look something like this...

If you do the math, you can see the permutations can get pretty wild. No wonder there's so much confusion. The decisions go nine steps deep, so I made a digit for each. I put a hyphen separator between the three pairs of numbers. I think the middle four digits are the most important, since they refer directly to bindings. Having them separated helps them stand out. I tried to use the logical 1 or 2 for tangible decisions and binary 0 or 1 for yes/no choices. If people were to put this in their request for help thread title, it might narrow down the type of help and weed out people who don't have experience with that setup. For example, if someone asks for XX-2XXX-XXX, then people would immediately understand this is for a MMO-Pro setup. I, for one, have no experience with it, so I would be hesitant to offer advise. All too often, people offer poor advise because they don't understand the situation or background. It can take a few posts on the thread to get clarification.

Digit - Description
1 - Character Name: (1) character@handle, (2) character
2 - Game Profile: (1) Neverwinter Default, (2) Neverwinter No Patch
3 - Configuration Style: (1) MMO-Standard, (2) MMO-Pro
4 - Key Bindings: (1) Default, (2) Manual
5 - Target Slot Keybinds for Manual Setup: (0) Default, (1) Auto-Filled F1-F5, (2) Custom Target Slot Keybinds
6 - Follow Assist Keybinds for Manual Setup: (0) Default, (1) Simple Custom, (2) per-Character Target Macros for Follow & Assist
7 - Alt-Gr Key: (1) Yes, (0) No
8 - Standard MMO Broadcast: (1) Yes, (0) No
9 - For Standard MMO, add 1 thru = to (1) Standard Menu, (2) Combat Key Map