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GUIDE: Part 7 - The NeverBoxer Play-Guide

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Portions of NeverBoxer are copyrighted, therefore the author no longer authorizes copies, portions or modified code from NeverBoxer to be posted, distributed or otherwise manipulated on this website or others without written consent. Instead, instructions on how to obtain the NeverBoxer 1.1a config may be obtained by emailing


This thread is reserved for the upcoming NeverBoxer Version 1.0 (Initial Release - 1 August 2013)

Here you will soon find "Part 7 - The NeverBoxer Play-Guide" for NeverBoxer 1.0 and later...


Part 7 - The NeverBoxer Play-Guide
  • Starting NeverBoxer
  • Quick Logout from Neverwinter
  • Party Structure (Classes & Pet Choices)
  • Using the Switch Bar
  • Targeting and Fire-Teams
  • NeverBoxer & Combat
  • Party Navigation - Formations
  • Using the Command Bar
  • Using the Emote Bar
  • "Press Alt to Return to Game" Message Fix
  • Party Invites
  • Inventory Management (Optional 5-Man Feature)
  • Party-wide NPC Interactions

Starting NeverBoxer

To launch your party as quickly and efficiently as possible, simply launch your character set from ISBoxer or Innerspace, making sure to enter the account and password at each Neverwinter Loader dialog screen.

Note that starting the second and successive times you launch your character set, the character's account name will automatically be loaded into the launcher there, so you will only have to type in the character account's password. I keep my password in a .txt file on my desktop, open it before playing, copy it into the clipboard (Ctrl+, Ctrl+C) and then simply paste it into the password field (yes, I use the same one for all my test accounts); this makes it quick and easy to launch my team in record time. 8-)

Once you've entered the account names and passwordsm let all of the characters log in, and once all of them are loaded, your login screen will look like this:


Now, simply move your mouse to each of the mini-windows and select the character with a double click and it will start loading that character into the game. Finish up with by launching your SLOT1 character and your party will be loaded up in no-time.

Finally, once in game, simply press "Shift + insert" to do a party invite to all members and accept the invites for each character. You can quickly do this by moving your mouse into a character's window, press the Alt key to gain window focus, and Accept the invite by clicking on the button. Do this in the order that you want the characters in your party and you are soon on your way to adventuring in Neverwinter.

Quick Logout from Neverwinter

When you are done adventuring, simply Press "Shift + Esc". The main menu will pop up in each character's window. Just as you accepted the party invites, mouse into each character's window, press Alt key to gain focus, and click on Log Out and them confirm. Do this for each character and you're on your way back to IRL.

Party Structure (Classes & Pet Choices)

It should be clear to everyone that there is no singular party combination that guarantees success when multi-boxing Neverwinter. There have been successful parties that have completed Epic dungeons with completely different party compositions. But there are some basic things that are common and are necessary when attempting group content when boxing:

  • CC (crowd control) - your party will need a method of managing the battlespace. CWs do this very well (singularity, entangle, push, etc) and DCs are commonly used to knock mobs off of ledges (divinity sunburst). Understanding how to implement this via keymaps and how to use CC in your party will allow you to best survive your encounters.
  • Healing - potions are available to all, and NeverBoxer is set up to deliver pots to all members at a keystroke. DCs are vital to your party, and it is mandatory to have at least one. Know how to use NeverBoxer's direct and AOE heal keymaps and your survivability will dramatically increase. Hotkeys: Shift 3-6 (Potions), Shift 6-0 (Direct heals to SLOTs 1-5), minus key (AOE sunburst), equal key (AOE astral shield), Shift minus/equal keys are confugurable for your own custom heals
  • DPS (damage output) - DPS is king. You need CC first, heals to keep going but if you can't burn down the boss before a gazillion ads spawn (this IS Neverwinter :lol: ) then you are lost. 4 DCs just mean you die slower, but too few healers and your team will get eaten alive by ads. The trick for your party will be to find the balance between offensive DPS and survivability/heals.
  • Threat - IMHO threat management is currently broken in Neverwinter from a multi-boxing perspective. Having a GF in your party is essential to absorb damage and generate threat, drawing attention away from the less hardy party members. But as soon as your DC pops an astral shield or divinity sunburst, or the CW does an ice strike, your GF will lose the mobs' focus and you shift into 'rescue the party' mode. Use threat from your GF and tank pets with caution - CC is a better use of your multi-boxing energies/focus because at least you're in control. Threat management in Neverwinter simply doesn't deliver consistently.

Using the Switch Bar

The Switch-Bar is located at the top center of the screen and is comprised of 1-5 star-shaped icons, a keymap icon and an emote icon.


The star-shaped icons numerically correspond to the SLOT numbers of your party members. Additionally, the "glowing" star-icon indicates which character SLOT is currently active. This allows you to quickly determine which SLOT you are using for the current character. You can also see, that in each VFX mini-window, that the character SLOTs are also lit further indicating which mini-window corresponds to shich SLOT/character.

You can mouse-over and then click (note how I stated that a mouse-over was needed) a star-icon to quickly switch to another character. This is extremely useful during trading when keystrokes might otherwise close the trading window.

By doing a mouse-over and then click of the "Keyboard Map" icon, you are presented with a screen detailing every mapped key in both the game, and in the NeverBoxer configuration. Click on the keyboard map or the icon to close this screen.

Lastly, a mouse-over and click of the "Emote" icon will summon two Emote bars, one on each side of the screen, that allow you to click and perfom the labeled emote for either the current character or the remaining party members. By clicking quickly, and then following with either a Shift/Ctrl click, the other party members will join in on performing the emote, making the entire team perform the emote together. This is loads of fun when demonstrating multi-boxing to your friends or guild-mates.

Targeting and Fire-Teams

There are 3 Fire-Teams, Team # 1's activities are assigned to the Mouse 4 Button, Team #2's to Mouse 5 and Team #3, which is by default all of the characters in the party, has it's targeting assigned to Mouse 3.

By putting your crosshairs on an enemy and pressing the corresponding button (Mouse 4 for Fire-team # 1, Mouse 5 for Fire-team # 2 and Mouse 3 for Fire-team # 3), you are marking the target for the members of that team to attack.

Then, once you start pressing any attack keys, the members of the teams attack their marked targets simultaneously. Fire Team #1 attacks their target separately from Fire-Team # 2 and the active character (to include the active character if it beongs to one of those). And Fire-Team # 2 does the same for it's target. So you can, in theory attack up to two marked targets (not assuming AOE here) plus whatever target your main is engaging (for a total of three targets) in a single attack.


Furthermore, mouse buttons 4 and 5 have a Shift and Ctrl key modifier for Fire Teams # 1 and # 2, respectively. Shift + the mouse button gives you an AOE heal at the Fire-Teams' location (knockback if your DCs have Divinity mode on or a CW is in that team). Ctrl + the mouse button give your Fire Team an AOE damage spell at their location. This is useful in the event that ads rush your Fire-teams - which happens alot in Neverwinter. :roll: These actions typically give you enough time and doenough damage to allow Fire-team 3 (all characters) the opportunity to quickly eliminate them.

Now, the part that is important to know is, that Mouse 1, 2 & 3 (Fire-team # 3, aka all party members) have two modes of operation:

- If you click on a target with Mouse 3 it marks it for Fire-Team # 3, which is every character - that way you can burn targets down quickly. And successive attacks following a Mouse 3 click are directed to that target, and the targets of Fire-Team # 1 and Fire-Team # 2 are cleared.

- Clicking on Mouse 3 also enables an auto-targeting mode whereby you do not have to re-target each successive time. Every attack will then be directed to Fire-team # 3's target and you can continue to hold the mouse key to strafe the target without ceasing. This is exactly how it functioned in previous NeverBoxers. For example, I press mouse 3 to mark a target for Fire-Team # 3, and after that just double-click mouse 1 or 2, holding on the second click, to enable auto-targeting and strafing. So, for example, I click mouse 1, then press it again and hold it to continue delivering mouse 1 At-wills to the target (which is what we will use most of the time anyways). Mouse 1 and 2 will continue to fire this way until I press Mouse 4 or Mouse 5 to assign new targets to Fire-teams #1 & #2.

Why do this? 95% of the time you are going to use Fire-Team # 3 (everyone) for focused DPS and CC on mobs. You only need to use the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 Fire-team functions when you want to split into teams to gain position advantage (ie; ambush, elevated position, etc). So this means that 95% of the time, you will come up to a target, double-click Mouse 1 or Mouse 2, holding on the second click and applying CC's and DPSing the target with the whole group (Fire-Team # 3). The only time you will need to target using Mouse 3 is the first time you enter a zone to attack, or you are finished with your Fire Team #1 and #2 targets (they are dead, or whatever) and want everyone back on the remaining target.

I hope this explains things - the best way is to read this, and then go into a foundry and work it out with your fingers. Practice using the Fire-Teams. use the comma and period keys to position your teams and then draw a mob to you and see what you can do with them. My fav is to put two teams at a distance of about 30-40 and then using Divinity mode Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 (with a DC in each Fire-Team) bounce mobs all around. Loads of fun, I promise.

NeverBoxer & Combat

Party Navigation - Formations

Using the Command Bar

Using the Emote Bar

NPCs & NeverBoxer

"Press Alt to Return to Game" Message Fix
Want to get rid of the pesky "Press Alt to Return to Game" on your SLOT2-5 slave screens. Hate when that happens? Instead of switching from one screen to the next, just press one of the arrow keys. This moves all of the SLOT2-5 slaves in unison and rids them all of that message simultaneously! :D

Party Invites

Invite your party members faster with just two keypresses! NeverBoxer has a unique feature that lets you invite all of your party members by pressing the "Shift + Insert" key once to invite them, and then wait a second or two (once the party invites show up in the mini-windows) and then mouse into each VFX mini-window in the order you wish to add the characters to the party and click on the "Accept" button to complete the process.


Please note that depending on your network conditions (ie; server lag) you may need to repeat the invite. But don't worry, even in town on the laggiest of days, you can get all of your members in-party the second time around guaranteed. :D

Inventory Management (optional feature)

Are your main's pockets always full? Can't pickup anymore but you know the last party member has tons of space left in her backpack?


Use " Shift + I " to see all of your party's inventory at a glance. Then you know who still had plenty of space and who has no room left in their pockets! Then, make sure your loot settings are set to "Let party leader decide" and simply select the person with the most space left, or is the person who you want to have that item knowing that they still have plenty of space left. This cuts down on the inter-party trading and banking you have to do! Isn't Party Inventory Overview (Shift +I) useful? :o

Party-wide NPC Interactions

NeverBoxer has a unique feature that allows you to see all of your party member's interactions on-screen simultaneously when interacting with a shop or quest NPC.

In fact, if the quest dialog options (#1 do this, #2 do that, etc) are identical, you can even press "Shift + the number" and it will respond to all of them at the same time for you! (just be careful, alot of times they are not all the same)

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Move your SLOT1 character to the NPC you want to talk to...

Step 2: Now press "V" to have your party move to your location. You want the party members "stacked" on top of the SLOT1 characters - if they are too far away, they won't interact with the NPC properly.


Step 3: Press "F" to have the SLOT1 character interact with NPC, and then press "Shift + F" to have the rest of the party members join in. Small windows will open up with their own dialog boxes for each SLOT2-5 character. You can press "Shift + the number" keys to interact simultaneously or use the mouse to click on the buttons in the mini-windows. Note that not all NPC dialogs have numbers for the quest options and you are forced use the mouse to interact. Unfortunately, not all NPCs behave or interact the same in different zones (different programmers & level designers?) and you must therefore be flexible and learn how to use this tool for all instances.



Step 4: Once you are done interacting with the NPC with your main, SLOT1 character, just move away from the NPC and all of the windows will automatically close. Isn't that much easier than swapping between characters? :D

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