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Target and Assist

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Target and Assist

From many many tests and redos of the isboxer wiz this is what ive found to work for me in pvp/pve targeting and assist ill try to keep it simple

Seting up Keybinds ingame using f1-f12 is what i keep free for binds, What i put here you can just copy and paste ingame and change the "slot" to your name ingame ok this will be for a simple duo setup

FIrst Slot "aka main toon" Second Slot "follower toon"

F1- /Bind F1 "hardtargetlock 1 $$ target slot2" /Bind F1 "Hardtargetlock 1 $$ target slot1" This will make both toons target eachother and lockon

Ok basic targeting for slots is done now lets move on to assisting those slots

F2- /bind F2 "Assist" Simple isnt it?

Ok seting up assist is done lets move on to follow
Follow command has 3 commands ingame that work with it "/follow,/setfollow 1, setfollow 0 for this we will go with plain follow

F3- /bind F3 "follow"

Ill toss in a extra command that makes parties alot more easy lol

Ingame go to keybinds and set the second key for Window 1 to f4 and window 2 to f5 pretty much this is the need or green on loot rolls

F4- ingame keybind Window 1
F5- ingame keybind Window2

And i have F12 set and to turn off targetlock

F12- /bind F12 "hardtargetlock 0"

Before we go any more make sure you do /bind_save_file name.txt for each toon you do this on you can reload it if you lose the binds ingame

In Isboxer go to Character sets>click your set> click number 1 should bring up switching/performance/variable keystrokes

Variable keystrokes set up is simple
first is
Target slot1 >isnow F1
AssistTarget >isnow F2
FollowTarget >isnow F3

Do this on both toons and your ready to get starting on asissting/follow/targeting

Ok now were going to go to keymaps and click on non-combat do you see assistme? good now click on it
were going to combine steps 1 and 2
click on step 1 and copy the action
now click on step 2 and paste the action and delete step 1
now it should read
<Target Slot {slot} >all other
<Assist Target>all other
this will be your candy for makin assist work ingame foryou

lets try to make mouse click 1 assist +attack

go to combat click mapped keys and click new key
set the hotkey to mouse1
now go to steps and and click on actions make a new keystroke action mouse1
next click on actions and new keymap action " New do mapped key action" we are going to have it target the current window and under the keymap click non-combat, click mapped key "assist me"

Should look like this when your done

Mouse1 >all
Do Assist Me in Non-comabt Key Map >self
you can clone that for all keys if you wanted to just turn on holdkey down or pressed w/e just play around with that part heh

For follow commad i have it set like this chose your hotkey you want to use
set it up the same way we did with assist

Do follow me in non-combat keymap> self
T>other followers
set it up for defualt
execute a step when hotkey is pressed or released
this is auto run ingame if helps hold down your hotkey to make them run to you

I have more binds/keymaps iam working on if any of you wish to see it later

And also have a keymap just for havin a follower it helps a ton

Would look like
Always on
Follower < drop all commands related to havin a follower in here so you can turn it off when your solo or just dont want it repeting the commands

Thanls for checkin it out feel free to post more if you got it =P :D


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Re: Target and Assist

Thanks for this post. It has helped me get assist and follow working. Mouse1 attack doesn't work though. I would also be interested in what other key binds and setups you have for this game. I am just trying to get a duo DC set up going first b4 I dive into a 5 man grp.


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Re: Target and Assist

Awesome gnetcham! I was lost until I read this, I would love to see more!!!

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