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Additional menu help

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Additional menu help

Hi, and thanks in advanced for the assistance!

I am hoping I am using the right term. I am playing WoW and wanted to add additional menu's so I have a couple more rows of bars. I read the info, and watched the video's located here http://isboxer.com/wiki/Menu, but they appear to be a bit out of date.

Using them though, I was able to add additiaonal menu's, but they are not letting me click through them, or repsond when I press say shift + 1 for example.

The WoW mod I am using is Bartender4. Attached is a small image. here is a link to my config https://pastebin.com/qFUGEVUw

Thank you!
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Re: Additional menu help

So, assuming we are talking 3 Druids 1 Shaman, then there is not a lot that is wrong, but we shall go through what is.

1. Your button sets are set to soft attach, which means that it doesn't actually fire the button set. The expectation here is that you have mapped keys with hotkeys associated with the same key combination as the hotkey set. The Standard menu is configured like this, and the mapped keys in "ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys" key map are what actually fires when you press the key. So SHIFT+1 (for example), should highlight the button, and that's it, because that's what it is set to do. If you want it to actually run the mapped keys in the Buttons Set, untick this option. Otherwise, set some hotkeys in "ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys"

2. Your ALT menu has no button set.

Other than that, the bars don't pass clicks. They run mapped keys, which in turn send keystrokes to the game. So the SHIFT+1 will send a SHIFT+1 to the game. You need to have something configured in game to receive that. It might be an in game bar button. It might not.

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