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Pull settings from

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Pull settings from


In eq I run 4 mages from my control toon. Each mage have 4 sets of 10 menubottons.
If I change anything in a menu, I dont want to change every singel one every time...
If I pull settings from one button in a menu, it also starts the timer in the "copied to" button, which I havent clicked.

Please advice.



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Post Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:22 am

Re: Pull settings from

You might have to provide a config which has this issue. http://www.isboxer.com/wiki/Configuration_Sharing
As you obviously have a few menus, it would help to call out a few names of things to look through.

I've had a go at replicating what you have described, but have not been able to get it to automatically run any actions with a timer associated when applying a button set to a button.
In my test setup I have 2 menus. 1 with 1 button, the other menu with 2 buttons.
The 1 button menu has a button which does nothing with some text on it.
The 2 button menu, the first button runs a menu button action, which Changes button 2, and pulls settings from a different button set. That different button set has an action to set the 1 button menu button text. It has a timer with a 3 second delay.

When I run all this, the first button in the 2 button menu does as expected, it updates button 2 and pulls the settings from the other button set. The timer does not run, and the 1 button menu does not update after 3 seconds. After waiting for 20 seconds, I clicked the second button. 3 seconds later, the button in the 1 button menu updated.

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