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Question on Menu Bar Buttons?

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Post Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:30 am

Question on Menu Bar Buttons?

Is there a way to set a second way to interact with a Menu Button?. I know we can Left Mouse Click to activate the button. I would like to be able to Left Click a Menu Button and do one action and then also Right Click the same Menu Button and do another action.

I know this can be done with Clickbars, and the Menu system is more elaborate that the Clickbars system. So how or can this be done?




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Post Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:18 am

Re: Question on Menu Bar Buttons?

The Menu system is meant to be more like an in-game Action Bar or such, where you don't typically have to worry about 16 different Hotkeys that might activate something different on the same button. You can either click the button or use a Hotkey.

1. You can of course use a Click Bar here
2. You can use the mouseover capabilities to temporarily enable a Key Map or Mapped Key that can use ANY button (right click, F1, escape, up to you)
3. Your button can use one or more Do Mapped Key Actions to branch depending on held modifiers (etc). So you can have Mouse1, Shift+Mouse1, Alt+Mouse1, Ctrl+Mouse1, etc each do something different, using the same Menu Button. Just fill the button with Do Mapped Key Actions that use "only Do if".

When ISBoxer 2 is ready, the Widget system (which replaces both Click Bars and Menus) builds #2 right in.

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