Post Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:15 pm

Attack in Place

Path of Exile has a default in-game keybind "Shift" to allow ranged classes to Attack in Place.

I have remapped my Path of Exile keybinds so my primary skill is used by pressing "A". I attempted to setup a Mapped Key to send "Shift" and "A" to Attack in Place all the time:

Skill 01: (Hotkey A: Hold On)
Shift+A -> Self

This completely stopped the skill from activating. I attempted a second time using two separate Mapped Keys:

Skill 01: (Hotkey A: Hold On)
A -> Self

Attack in Place: (Hotkey A: Hold On)
Shift -> Self

This did not work either. The working profile is here for what it's worth. There's not much to it.

Is it possible to activate Attack in Place and a Skill by pressing only a single hotkey?