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Tip: How I Keep My Characters Synced In PoE.

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Re: Tip: How I Keep My Characters Synced In PoE.

Infested88 wrote:
senorblack wrote:
Infested88 wrote:I got a question too, how to I re-add the cursor for one of the hotkeys? I made 7 for the 6 I use. 1 indivual for all, 1 to control all at once. but I need that cursor back so bad.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. The cursors still show on my windows. Do you have "Show fake cursor when repeat is enabled" checked under Repeater Profiles? If not, check it. If you do, uncheck it. Try that.

Yep it's still checked, they all just seem to of vanished after setting up your steps. And everything else works no probem.

It's really not a big deal I play full screened any way... but it's still sorta annoying for when I don't.

Try unchecking that option, I have it unchecked and my cursors show just fine. No idea why. Also, make sure you are in windowed and not windowed fullscreen.


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Re: Tip: How I Keep My Characters Synced In PoE.

hi all, recently new to this and i was trying out this option you have listed but i seem to be having problems. i have followed the steps accordingly and when i am in game the commands seem to not be working for me. under the target repeater which exact slot are you supposed to choose the one that you have selected are the ones that i have used "character slot (#) " any help you can give i say many thanks :D

EDIT: nevermind i think it was picking up the old "always on" instead of a new one that was made so it just wasnt saving over it kinda. TUT. was great :D :D for resync on toons


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Re: Tip: How I Keep My Characters Synced In PoE.

*edit* never mind.

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