Post Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:58 am

POE - Dual Rangers

Hey everyone,

I'm new here to ISBoxer, as well as multi-boxing in general. This is my first time using any type of setup like this and I'm loving it.*
My first go at the mutli-boxing attempt was with 2 Marauders using cleave. BAD IDEA.

Since characters can not stack due to collision, it's very hard to manage. After doing some reading and seeing suggestions on going totem builds, I thought that would be a good idea but then I decided I wasn't really going to be happy with that.
I ended up rolling 2 rangers. Currently, I'm using Split Shot and Rain of Arrows.

Here's a video of me dual boxing just after a couple of hours.
I am very comfortable with managing 2 characters now. I don't plan on multi-boxing more then 2 characters in PoE but I might give 3 a shot, just to see how difficult it is.

Feel free to ask me any questions or help me improve if you're more experienced with multi-boxing.

Thank you,


*Loving it once I got used to it, but the first few hours were very frustrating.