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Custom Macros Possible?

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Custom Macros Possible?

I tried making custom macros that normally work outside of Isboxer but seem to not work when i have 2 accounts playing on isboxer. Is it even possible to use recorded macros freely in ISBoxer and if so is there there some specific setup needed on the accounts used. The macros would be just basically mouse movements and clicking basically, nothing really fancy. Thanks .


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Re: Custom Macros Possible?

InnerSpace is an admin process and is spawns admin processes (your games), and as such, non admin processes cannot interact with admin processes.

So, if you are using any other software that is not under ISBoxer control, i.e. not InnerSpace, ISBoxer, or your game, then you will need to run that software as an Admin process for it to work. This includes (but not limited to) stuff like Logitech Gaming Software, Razer Synapse, Ventrillo, Mumble, Macrogoblin, Autoclicker, etc....

Any in-game macros, or ISBoxer macros (in the Game Helper section), should work absolutely fine, but, from your description you are attempting to use other third party software.

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