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game sync

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game sync

anyone have any tips for keeping games synced/walking together? no follow, and what seems like randomness to mouselook acceleration makes it really hard to keep characters together. anything?

also guess i'll leave some notes since there haven't been any updates in this section for a while, incase anyone has issues with boxing gw2 (for whatever reasons you may have). free to play accounts are opened up (doesn't require captcha, or email verification...lol...)

need to mark all files for virtualization or else the launcher will just cry or crash constantly, this used to only actually be needed for local.dat, now for all files.
need to check make the game believe it is in the foreground occasionally, this seems hit or miss don't really understand.


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Re: game sync

looshfoo wrote:anyone have any tips for keeping games synced/walking together?

Unless there has been a significant change of recent, broadcasting / repeating is disallowed in GW2.

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