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Anyone tried PVP or dungeons?

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Post Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:20 pm

Anyone tried PVP or dungeons?

Anyone tried PVP or dungeons yet?

I boxed 5 rangers to like lvl 30, but got frustrated having to sync them all the time. Been considering trying it again, anyone have any trouble getting reported in dungeons or pvp area's? Or does it even work decent?


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Re: Anyone tried PVP or dungeons?

is almost imposible do nothing with isboxer in guild wars 2 i cant keep 2 chars togethers.


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Re: Anyone tried PVP or dungeons?

I only multibox dungeons with guild members.

I did WvW with mesmers before the mesmer nerf since you didn't need LoS for clones and phantasms. It was fun summoning 3 berserkers on someone on top of a wall and just watching them die. Haven't tried it since then. Too much lag on my server when running 3 accounts and you'll spend more time trying to keep your characters together than playing.

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