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low fps and long load times

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low fps and long load times

Long load times and low fps.

Hey there, testing ISBoxer with 3 GW2 chars (A,B,C) on two systems (X,Y). A and B on X. No problems getting anything to work other than some mouse issues (mouse sometimes becomes unresponsive on X with either char though not necessarily both). Anyways the two big issues are thus,

C on Y (or A on its own on X) were giving about 50 fps with default settings outside of innerspace. In innerspace this dropped to ~20 so tweaked settings (everything medium, no AA, no vsync) which raised it to max 40 (no action, half this if lots of effects present). Outside interspace with exact same settings (full screen 1920,1080 everything medium no FSAA, no vsync) fps is a steady 110 (again half this if lots of effects present). This would be OK if I only needed to run one char on each system but X needs to run two - 10 fps isn't playable. Specs of systems and logs at end of post, both systems have CPU set to non throttle.

Loading times with single char on either system are sub 10s to get to char selection, another 10s to load into game (gotta love SSD's). C on Y through innerspace increases this by 50% or so (30s up from 20s, not a big deal) while each char on X through interspace takes around 3 mins (up from 30s - this is a big deal and is not improved by running only one char). This could be my SSD choice which in X is a budget OCZ solid 3 (120Gig) and in Y is a not-so-budget Samsung 830 (240Gig). The OCZ has throttled 4k random read/write while the Samsung is not limited. Both have similar max performance (outside of innerspace both load a single char in about the same time i.e. from a cold boot ~25s to load windows and a further 20s to be playing a char in GW2).

Config at privatepaste-9b7a961a11

System specs, both running the same three displays each at 1920x1080, and each with a razar deathader (one left-handed) and G15 keyboards. Only the SSD's being used and these are on SATA 3 connections.

System X
i7 920 @ 3.4 GHz
12 Gig DDR 3 1800 triple channel
Radeon 6870 (oc edition)
OCZ Solid 3 SSD (both game directories and windows)

System Y
i5 3570k @ 3.4Ghz
16 Gig DDR 3 1800 dual channel
Radeon 5770 (oc edition)
Samsung 830 SSD (game directory and windows)

These systems can both run two GW2 instances with decent frame rates (have tested with a generic multi-loader on both systems). Am I using innerspace wrong?


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Re: low fps and long load times

If you want true apples to apples comparison you'll need to change your CPU strategy in ISBoxer, to disable ISBoxer's FPS limiting and change the CPU assignments. Use the CPU Strategy Wizard, and set the background and foreground FPS numbers to 0. Then at the bottom half where "Round-robin balancing (Dedicate CPU 1)" is selected by default, pick "Select no CPUs, let the game do it (Dedicate CPU 1)". This will eliminate most of the differences between using IS or not.

Beyond that, this question is pretty much covered by HOWTO: Tweak your framerate

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