Post Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:04 pm

I am having an issue with Diablo 3

MiRai wrote:
Xabster wrote:The notification text such as "Key maps enabled" or "Broadcasting enabled" doesn't show up. I can broadcast just fine but I don't see the text that it's now enabled. Furthermore the mouse cursor does not show in the background windows. I can bring the background windows to the front and I have a cursor but while they're shown in smaller windows I cannot see the cursor.

I'm using build 6158 and I'm running the app (not skip launcher) and I've unselected "use 32 bit version" in the launcher so I'm running 64 bit. I tried recreating my setup using the wizard but I still have the issue.

I can report a quite nice improvement in performance though. I dropped from 83-85% CPU usage (standing still at a very specific spot with 4 characters) down to about 60... sometimes it drops to just above 50% at that spot.

Not that it should make a difference, but what if you skip the launcher?

When skipping the launcher, I'm not seeing any issues with the cursors or the standard pop-up text with x64/DX11, at least on the login screen -

If I could remember my account names then I'd be able to test in game, but until Blizzard gets back to me that'll have to wait.

EDIT: Finally got four accounts in game and everything is perfectly normal on my end—using W10 with an nVidia GPU (non-SLI at the moment).

EDIT2: If you're using the Large Cursor option, then that might be breaking your in-game cursors.

Hopefully some one is reading this. I came across this same issue but more recently around may/june 2018. I was also told about he larger cursor but I disabled it and switched everything back to 32 bit. Recreated all new profiles with new window layouts and cpu strategies. The whole nine but my mouse will still not appear on the other instances. Have not gotten a new email back yet. Just wondering if there was some other solution or something i am missing. Any help would be great. Just for in case I am and have been using logitech G910 orion and G502 mouse with logitech software installed all updated. I just got a new gtx 1080 ftw edition. That is what really prompted me to remake new load outs with different settings to see it there was any better performace. Because i know d3 is not that optimized. I am rambling any way i have been doing multiboxing for about a yr now so going back to just one toon feels weird. I am just looking for answers.
Thank you for any help