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All Windows Auto Relay? (even when turned off)

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All Windows Auto Relay? (even when turned off)

So I had to format my computer (had isboxer working for years, hard drive died had to replace it)
Since my reinstall my accounts all still work but they auto boot up with the ALT+SHIFT+R already on automatically?

Even when I turn it off on all 4 windows (sometimes 5 windows), they still seem to somewhat have it linked? Like when I type some of it still shows up, and if I tell one account to (DH Vault) the others move out of sync as well (even if they were told to stay at door (leveling them etc).

Any thoughts ideas would be great.

Liked it when it all worked in unison and didn't have the accounts on boot-up all doing the same thing (normally I would always do SHIFT+ALT+R to get them to sync) but now its auto on, on startup :(


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Re: All Windows Auto Relay? (even when turned off)

If the game clients start with broadcasting enabled, then that means you left the "Broadcasting starts ON" setting enabled on the final step of the Wizard, and potentially the "in all windows" sub-option, as well.

The easy solution is to delete your Character Set and recreate it, although this time around un-select those options. The other solution would be to remove the Mapped Key that is set to be performed when a Character Set is fully loaded, which can be found at the bottom of the general section of your Character Set, as well as adjust the "Activate Repeater" entry on the "Virtual Mapped Keys" tab to reflect the "current window" option rather than "all windows."

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