Post Sun Apr 16, 2023 1:12 pm

[D2R]how many instances are stable? Etc

I am wondering if anyone’s got any knowledge or expertise in how many D2R instances can stably run on one PC?

I would say that I’m able to run 7 (that’s the most I care to run) stably, but an odd thing, at night around the same time my alt accounts start disconnecting. I bring them back in game, and they’ll disconnect again. Aside from that early one instance will freeze up and crash at random throughout my day playing/idling while I work at home.

If I run about 5 it seems to happen still, but a little less common. Regardless it’s always three instances running in the background that do this, and it can be one that was sidelined only a moment ago.

I am playing hardcore (this is D2R) and the other day lost my main to a freeze and crash that I attributed to running 7 clients at once. I would like other opinions on what should be safe or how I can tell. I know how to determine if my cpu is under too much load of course, but I am thinking that’s not it. I am thinking it could be an issue of internet traffic flowing from so many instances of the game at once, but I don’t know about that at all.

Can I get some advice? If it is of use I am on a laptop: 12th gen 12-core i7, mobile 3080ti 16gb vram, 64gb RAM. Wanting to discuss where the stability line is between # of instances, game crashes, and internet disconnects with others.