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Classic WoW 5 Box Videos & Guides

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Classic WoW 5 Box Videos & Guides

I recently started boxing WoW Classic with a 5 box team (Warrior/Priest/3 Warlocks) and decided to do some videos and guides of it. For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with me, I have previously written indepth guides for Boxing in Everquest which are fairly popular in that game. No videos for those guides as with these guides I am trying something new(ish).

Since there aren't many videos on Youtube of people 5 boxing in this era of WoW I decided to make some. Once my team is level 60 I plan to do video based as well as text based guides of the macros I use, how I setup Isboxer to do what I want and how I setup my team in the game. I may also try streaming some instance runs and stuff but we'll see if I make it that far.

Anyway, here's the first video I made with commentary explaining the basics of how my box team currently works (at level 40). I have about a dozen other videos of myself boxing on my Youtube channel but none of them have commentary explaining my box team.


I'll make another video at level 60 explaining how it works as well as go much more indepth than I did with this video. Right now I am still at a very experimental phase with both boxing in WoW and making these videos.

Any comments, criticism or questions are always welcome.


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Re: Classic WoW 5 Box Videos & Guides

Thanks for sharing, from the perspective of someone just learning about multi-boxing, its cool to see how flexible and customizable the system can be!

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