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Just wanted to say thanks

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Just wanted to say thanks

Got back into WoW after a 10 year break to play Classic and wanted to give multiboxing a try this time. I wasn't too sure how comfortable I would be with it so I added a couple of starter accounts to my main and got a 7 day trial for ISBoxer. In the past 7 days I watched all of MiRai's ISB42 and ISBPro videos, read a bunch of the wiki, got a 3 man mixed team of a Hunter, Mage, and Priest configured in ISBPro, played the team to the level 20 cap, and was able to create a 4 man team by adding a Paladin to the mix.

Playing a mixed team adds a whole new complexity to the game and I love it. My trial ran out last night and I signed up for two years. When I get done at work tonight it will be time to upgrade all those starter accounts and get my Classic team configured in ISBoxer.

Thanks for the trial, all the great info here and in the wiki, and especially thanks to MiRai for those awesome YouTube tutorials! Couldn't have done it so easily without those.



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Re: Just wanted to say thanks

Good stuff - I always like to hear about peoples' experiences as a new multiboxer, and I'm glad my tutorials helped.

I will just toss out an unrelated, and perhaps unwanted, bit of advice, but unless you're attached to Photobucket, I'd suggest a different sharing site, such as Imgur.

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