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Same charachter "looses" Assist fonction

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Same charachter "looses" Assist fonction

So once in a while I always got the same character that looses the Assist fonction, all the other will do exactly what I want but this one will always loose this function. This is my priest: so sometimes when I choose someone from my team to buff Endurance and Intel, my mage buffs my target (warrior) but my priest buffs itself.

Only way to resolve it is:

1. Turn repeater on
2. Turn keystrokes off
3. Turn keystrokes on
4. Turn repeatrer off

Anyone would know why this happens or maybe have a solution?


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Re: Same charachter "looses" Assist fonction

Jojo26 wrote:Anyone would know why this happens or maybe have a solution?

Not without seeing your profile and possibly knowing how to reproduce the issue.


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Re: Same charachter "looses" Assist fonction

yeah without seeing your config, its hard to guess, but if i were to guess from what you wrote, i would have to say that it is more than likely to a FTL setting on your character set. I believe that when assists are spammed, it is doing A FTL type combination to affect the keypresses in the game client, e.g.: CTRL-ALT-(WHATEVER KEYBINDING IS FOR ASSIST).

One of the things i do outright on any team when creating a new one, or even logging in for that matter, is i switch to each slot / slave / toon and make sure that the other toons follow me. So, in a sense, i can drive with each character if needed.

That being said, question:
The same character who "loses" ASSIST, if you switch to them at that point, can you "drive" with them? or can you drive withthem at all? do all the other toons turn towards him/her and follow when you spam follow? (ALT+F).


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