Post Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:20 am

WoW Gathering

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I got started with ISBoxer and it is very exciting. I am planning on running a 5-man group for farming materials.
However, I am facing some trouble with the "SetView"-Macro, aswell as the "Interact with target on Mouseover" (I referred to this video for the setup:

I roll up the situation:

- LogIn, etc. - works perfectly
- Group invite - works perfectly
- Follow - works perfectly

- Now I get to a node and press "Shift + H" which for some reason enables the broadcasting mode - the view although is not set equal to the "master" window, neither is the mouse sync working (which may bedue to the view not being synced either)
- "Shift-G" which is binded to "interact with mouseover" is not working at all, although when I rightclick the node with my master window and I happen to have another window mouseover the node, it starts collecting it.
- after collecting it (let's suppose all chars collected it and dismounted) I need to press "Shift + Alt + R" to enable the broadcasting, cast the mount, disable broadcasting, and press "Alt+F" to get them following me

As you surely noticed, there must be a easier and more efficient way to organise and configure this.

I am very keen to learn the different processes of ISBoxer and would be very glad for any given help.