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Change Ui scale No resolution

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Change Ui scale No resolution

How do i change my Ui scale in game I like the resolution i am at but need to scale down the Ui and Isboxer wont let me do it in game so i figure it has to be done in the toolkit


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Re: Change Ui scale No resolution

Game UI scale is a game setting. ISBoxer has nothing to do with it and does not attempt to manage it at all.

A quote from Blzzard on how to find UI scale.
Esc>System>Advanced>UI Scale slider near the bottom. Only appears when you have a character in game, and if you have addons installed you may not have the setting as they may be overriding it.
ref: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t ... ore/110477

ISboxer is not one of the addons referred to.

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