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Hello! Slight problem with ISboxer. I've multiboxed since 2005/2006 using my own program, but I never figured out how to make the mouse broadcasting feature, so I thought I'd give ISboxer a try. Yes, yes, I've been clicking all windows for herbalism/mining for like 14 years ;D
Anyway, when I use my own program, everything's smooth, no disconnections. When I use ISboxer on the same computer, same network, same configuration, same everything, I get random disconnects. So ISboxer is clearly sending something to the WoW servers that makes them disconnect, it kinda feels like when addons haven't been updated and spams the server/client with stuff and you get disconnected. I've tried with all addons disabled ofcourse, but makes no difference. I also tried setting the same graphics card for all WoW's, and then proceeded to actually remove the secondary card just to see if that did anything at all - but ofcourse not. Doesn't matter what kind of config I use in ISboxer, default or edited or other people's pastebin's, it's the same.

Anyway, so here's my setup, should really not be a problem (especially since my own program runs just fine).

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise x64
CPU: Intel Core i9 9900k @ 4.30GHz
RAM: 64gb
GFX1: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (main WoW)
GFX2: GeForce GTX 1080 (WoW 2-8)
Drive 1: 512gb SSD (Windows System)
Drive 2: PCIe SSD for WoW (3000mb/s)
Network: 1000/1000mbit fiberoptic, no firewalls or routers in the way, and a public IP straight out
Should probably mention, if I login and just sit at the character selection screen, sometimes the disconnections happens there aswell.

There's always a couple or 3-4 characters who has their battle.net friendslist completely empty. Also only happens with ISboxer/Innerspace running.  



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Re: Disconnections

There is no shortage of reports of disconnects since 8.1.5/8.2 have launched, as indicated by this thread directly below yours (as well as numerous reports on Discord), but there is nothing that we have been able to suggest other than to adjust the network settings that the game uses, such as the IPv6 and "optimize network" settings.

Some people are affected, some are not.

hyperboxing wrote:So ISboxer is clearly sending something to the WoW servers that makes them disconnect

IS/ISBoxer send exactly zero information to the game server and do nothing to data packets used by the game, as doing so is against the rules.


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Re: Disconnections

Enabling IPv6 when available in System then Network was the only thing that worked for me. Had been scratching my head on this one for a while. Had my husband try and figure it out to no avail as well. I boxor five and they would randomly drop at character select, soon after login, or during play. I tried the usual replacing outdated addons and my husband updated everything but just tested it out most of today and after changing the network settings I was stable all day even with multiple outdated addons.

Thanks for the suggestion. <3


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Re: Disconnections

This may sound weird, but i would say take your PC. Specs look nice btw, lol and set it up at a different location... a whole nudder WAN / internet.

try it like that. this will isolate whether your network or your PC is the problem. Ive been using ISBOXER / innerspace for a long time and do not think that is the problem. Ive never experienced what you have. I have experienced similar events, yet they are mostly related to latency / lag.

make sure your FPS settings for each slot is set properly. e.g. 60 on focused slot and 30 on the others.
Potentially for the sake of troubleshooting, go to each slot / wow instance and then tone down all the graphics, see if the problem goes away.

my first thought here is that your ISP / network is your culprit. hence my suggestion to see if it occurs the same at a different location.

dumb question but are you connected via WIFI or LAN (wired). If wifi of course use a network cable.


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