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Macros and Keybinds

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Macros and Keybinds


just a quick question. LShift,LCtrl,LAlt = RShift,RCtrl,RAlt for macro keybinds ? because i cant compile when i set to different macros one to LShift+A and one to RShift+A. i get the errorcode 'Key Combination SHIFT A is being assigned non matching WOW Macros Macro A in Macroset A and Macro A in Macroset B'.


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Re: Macros and Keybinds

WoW treats left and right modifiers as the same in its Key Bindings system. You can test this in the in-game Key Bindings screen

The only way to separate them is with [mod:lctrl] and [mod:rctrl] etc within the same WoW macro. You can certainly do that, and have ISBoxer press the left or right modifiers for you.

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