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World of Warcraft 8.1 and ISBoxer - Fixes and Performance


Please make sure you have Inner Space build 6372 (now live) and ISBoxer 42.8.1214.1!
1. Close and restart Inner Space. If it pops up a window offering new files, click "Patch these files"
2. AFTER updating Inner Space, close and restart ISBoxer Toolkit. If it pops up a window offering an update, click to download the update
3. Export to Inner Space
4. Launch your team

If your team will not launch at this point, you may need to re-create new Game Profiles for World of Warcraft 8.1.
1. Right click Inner Space and select Add Game
2. Point it to your World of Warcraft\_retail_\wow.exe file
3. For the Name box, put in like "WoW 8.1" so it doesnt just complain about "World of Warcraft already exists"
4. Click OK

Then test launch a Game Profile directly through the IS menu -- this will be without ISBoxer, but through Inner Space
1. Right click Inner Space
2. Select WoW 8.1 -> World of Warcraft DirectX 11
3. Hopefully this successfully launches a WoW window with FPS, Texture Memory, and System Memory listed in the top left. That would indicate a working launch of WoW, with Inner Space, but without ISBoxer.

If that DID work, the final step is to update the Game/Game Profile for your Characters in ISBoxer Toolkit, to use the Game/Game Profile you just tested manually:
1. In the top left pane under Characters in ISBoxer Toolkit, select each Character
2. In the bottom right pane find "Inner Space launch information" which has Game and Game Profile drop-down boxes
3. Adjust the Game and Game Profile to match the known-good selections from the Inner Space menu
After updating each Character, Export to Inner Space and try launching your team!

Here's a gif showing this process: (the gif shows using a WoW Launcher profile, but please select one you have tested!)

If, after the above, you still have problems when launching your team via ISBoxer, then you may need to delete the files in your WoW\_retail_\WTF folder (replacing CHARNAME with the characters name). These files will be recreated on a new launch of your team.

Performance since World of Warcraft 8.1
The system requirements since WoW 8.1 have increased, so if you were close to your limits before 8.1, you might be hitting those limits now with 8.1. If you're simply hitting your system's limits since 8.1, then you're going to need to adjust some settings.

Here is our go-to guide for generally diagnosing and improving performance, by system settings, ISBoxer settings, game settings, and others: This page includes a video that shows how to check for hardware bottlenecks such as CPU, GPU, RAM and VRAM, while playing.

Here is MiRai's newest video, specifically about new performance considerations and differences with WoW 8.1

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