Post Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:33 am

Trouble getting key maps to work

i cannot seem to get the program to use things such as follow and group invite and it seems to not be sending even the basic 1-= keystrokes. im not really sure where to go from here or if its because of the changes made to the game in recent patches making ISBoxer use the incorrect commands or macros for the patch of wow im on, any help would be appreciated

Also i want to add that innerspace launches my game clients fine and i am getting the ISBoxer addon script on all toons verifying that the addon is turned on but at the bottom of the script in the chat window its telling me no wow macros were loaded, I read that ISBoxer should have 38 macros premade from the ISBoxer addon but I may have misunderstood

I am quite new to this multiboxing thing but i have been having alot of fun with it wanted to take it to the next level and get ISBoxer so i got my Lavish sub and have been at a brick wall ever since. On the 7 day trial everything that i tried to use appeared to work fine, I am seriously trying to not let this hump discourage me from giving boxing a serious go just need some help getting it all together so i can actually play.