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Multiboxing 2022

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2022 4:50 pm
by ThaSpike

Left WoW alone for over a year but still missing it and want to play again. Was thinking about dual boxing, not as exciting as the 5 boxing I used to do but.
Plan is two just have two PCs, main PC gaming mouse right hand for char 1, second PC left handed gaming mouse for char 2. Fairly ambidextrous when it comes to mousing so should work.

My 2 questions:
- What can ISBoxer still do for me, since "streamlining" is no longer allowed. Can I still use the ISBoxer macro and keymap functions or is that already to much? VFX are out I think. Can I still use "click bars and menu's" for healing?
- Is using follow an option or it a dead give away for the haters to report me on site?