Post Fri May 22, 2020 6:41 am

8->16 Recommendations

Hey there,
Taking a plunge and pushing from 8 to 16. Haven't ever set up a second bnet account before so I asked a GM for advice. They said:

1) Go ahead and send your recruit-a-friend invite - one for each Wow account you have, all to the second Bnet e-mail.
2) Use those links on starter accounts you set up on Bnet2 (within 7 days of setting them up - i'd do it all at once).
3) As/when you have the gold, buy Wow tokens on Bnet1 to add balance, which you'll use to gift the complete collection bundle to Bnet 2: ... collection (or just BfA if you don't think you'll do this in Shadowlands)
4) Then as needed, you can use this link to buy game time with tokens from Bnet1: ... -game-time (at least until you get enough gold on Bnet2 to buy tokens there).

Following along, I ran across a snag where I can't gift until I've been friends with myself (lol) for at least 3 days. Do y'all have any other words of wisdom or recommendations for the process that the GM may have left out? Also if Mirai has a vid on setting up multiple bnet accounts in ISBoxer, that'd be great.