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UI mods for multiboxing

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UI mods for multiboxing

What would you all say are the best UI mods for multiboxing with ISBoxer?

Jamba is a popular one for multiboxing. Its features include forwarding whispers to the master, follow strobing (automatically re-following if it breaks), auto-sell grey items, auto-accept your group invites and resurrection, and a window that helps sync your quest log (have everyone abandon a quest, etc). I turn off a lot of its features myself, like the automatically take the same taxi feature -- sometimes I need to send one of my guys somewhere else first. So for that and questgiver windows (which, heaven forbid one of your guys is a little ahead in XP and now has more quests at a questgiver, and now the dialogs are de-synced and Jamba selects the wrong one...) I just use Mouse Repeat instead of letting Jamba do it. That way I can do one of them first without having to make sure I close all of the quest windows ;)

I also use Recount to make sure my guys are putting out the DPS I'm expecting.

I don't use a bar mod myself. I probably should, if only to compact the UI a bit.

For healing, dispelling, etc I use Vuhdo. I previously used Brethren Raid Frames but that's a bit out of date, and Vuhdo is quite nice.

So what do you all use? I need to find some good threat meters or something too. Screenshots of your UIs would be cool too.


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

I'm using Pitbull (3.2) for my unit frames.

It shows my toon, current health, current mana/energy and buffs/debuffs. I have it showing my target, with the same information, and my target's target, with just the name. There is a space for my pet, which displays full information.

It displays my party, but as a deficit of health and a percentage. There are no buffs visible here, for less clutter on the screen. Near each party member is their pet frame, which again has minimal information; all I really care about is the pet is up and its relative health.

Under everything else, in one little area, I display party members target. This is a very small frame which only displays the name of the target, but allows me to visually check each member has the same target. It is also useful for collection type activities, where each toon can grab the item from a corpse (I hit an FTL DPS key, while the main targets the corpse, which has the slaves also target the corpse), and then spam interact with target, until none of the slaves are targeting anything.

I use Jamba as well, with almost all the features on. Everything from the older version of Jamba, and a fair bit from the newer stuff. I'm not using the Jamba Macro or Jamba FTL, but really like the automatic purchase option for reagents.

I am using Grid + GridCustomLayouts + Clique, for my repeater region heals. I prefer the Grid look and configuration options to Healbot, but have not yet experimented much with Vuhdo. Chances are, when one of Grid/Clique breaks, I'll move to Vuhdo, but until then I'm more then happy with what I have.

I use Dot Timer, to track buffs, cooldowns and reuse timers, and to display dots or other affects on my target. It can be configured to display the effect which will end the soonest, which was much more useful prior to moving to click castsequences and the possibility to reach 100% spell hit. I still like the display options, and have stuck with this one for quite some time.

I use Deadly Boss Mods, to track timers. Most often this is in pvp, for when a tower/bunker will be destroyed, or the time until one side or the other wins a battle, based on current resources and what you hold. I have most of the warnings disabled, as I prefer BigWigs when raiding; actually, I use about 1/3 of each addon when raiding, and oRA2 for the rest. As far as boxing goes, DBM and DT, monitor cooldowns and or timers.

MSBT announces procs, which is a similar category. Now that Jamba has a proc announce feature, I'll have to decide which of the two to go with.

My toons all use Cartographer with Quest Helper, but I'm hoping for an update to Cartographer since the map is slightly out of sync with the world, since the last patch. I really like QH displaying that I need "x" of whatever, on other toons. Cartographer has a bunch of options I like, such as displaying the entire world, but shading areas which are not yet explored.

Have not found my replacement or upgrade to this tandem yet.

Fubar is in a similar category. I like that it displays a bunch of information in one place. But its not the best it can be, but still works. At a glance I can tell which friends/guildies are online, how much gold I have, my X/Y location within a zone etc.
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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

Merry Christmas Lax,

I ran into someone the other day online while MB'ing and they asked me if I'd ever heard of Innerspace. I did an online lol and said that it was what I used. He/she said they knew you and was glad to see your software in use.

Can you please tell me what Bag/Search mod you use in the video with your druids? I've tried several but cannot find the one that narrows down the results to a single icon. It would definitely make some things easier.

Thanks for the great software and hope you have a great New Year.



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Re: UI mods for multiboxing


The bag addon I use is Combuctor, which gives tabs, color filtering, and search box. The color filtering and search box have been invaluable to me


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

There are so many to list! But, I'll try to keep it simple.

Ualaa: Cartographer will never be updated by CkKnight (WoWAce)but he has offered anyone else to pick it up if they wish. You can pick up Mapster, which is what I'm currently using as my Cartographer replacement (thanks MiRai), but it is missing a few features that I loved in Cartographer: mouse over zones when you are in "continent" view to see their level, fishing levels, and dungeon's with levels in the mouse over. Other than that, and the fact that Cartographer had maps for ALL dungeons, not just Northerend (not sure on Outland dungeons, untried for me yet) and Mapster doesn't, everything else is great. You can still set your Foglight settings in Mapster to shade the unexplored parts, but still see through it.

QuestHelper: I use this addon exclusively for my questing needs, because for me, I do not think the Blizzard "lets try to take it over" even comes close. This is my personal opinion though.

HealBot: Got to have a healing frames addon, see my vid for exactly how I use it ;-)

XPerl: Somewhat like Pitbull, but I've been a long Perl-Classic then XPerl user, that I can't adapt to anything else. Shows either a percentage for health/mana or actual units, love that feature. Fully customizable.

Bartender4: I love having full customization at my finger tips, and Bartender delivers. I suggest this addon for anyone, whether you're using the default *cough*LAX*cough* action bar frames, or some other action bar addon, Bartender allows for full customization and profile saving so you can have even a multibox profile + a non-multibox profile if you're like me and sometimes run just 1 toon.

SexyMap: this is for minimap, since it appears that the author for simpleminimap is slowly grinding to a halt on that addon and I generally don't use alpha releases. Plus, SexyMap allows for moving the default objective tracker that Blizzard was kind enough to remove options for in 3.3.0 (Thanks Blizz!). Chinchilla Minimap I thought was a bit better, because of how I place my minimap, SexyMap doesn't let me place full against the side like I want, but it's worth it having that for moving the objective tracker. You can also make it all sorts of shapes to fit your overall GUI look.

Baggins: I use this with the All In One Sorted profile for all my toons. The only complaint I could even dream of having is that sometimes it's a pain for multiboxing because it's rare that all of your toons will have exactly the same items in all their bags. Your master toon will always have something the slaves don't, so it's hard to broadcast and click a quest item or something. I would try the one Lax has, but it just looks messy and no clue how to find something without having to search all the time. ;-) Baggins allows for sorting like Consumables, Quest Items, Armor, Weapons, plus it allows me to use the Outfitter Plugin and create custom filters like my Druids' Boomkin and Resto gear's to keep them separate from the gear I loot in dungeons so I don't accidentally sell my gear. :-D

That's about all I can think of... and just thing, that was keeping it short for me! :roll:


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

Grid & Gridcustomlayout + Clique, Vuhdo, CT-Mod, Alphamap and Jamba

I use Grid + Clique for my healing / decursing (devided into 3 sections, first for priest, second for mage and third for Pala). I use Vuhdo next to it for target and target of target on all chars, plus it gives me extra options for clicks (example, pally right click on grid cast BoP, right click on Vuhdo is Righteous Defense). I currently use CT-mod for my bars, but Im wanting to try bartender4 and hope to be happy with that. I also use Alphamap, I use it in BGs and WG with the optacy on so I just see the dots where my friendly players are and the game objectives, I will be very sad the day it stops working :( I quit using Quest helper, even tho it is better than wows own, I still worry that it drags down performance, and its not too important to me so I left it out. I also use Jamba, but very few of the features in it. Selling all gray items is probably my favorite feature.


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

Bars: Dominos
Unitframes: Shadowed Unit Frames
Cast Bars: Quartz
Map/Quest/Minimap: Carbonite
Buffs: Buffalo / Pallypower
Chat: Prat 3.0
Bags / Bank: OneBag
Alt/Item Searches: Altoholic
Multiboxing Specific: Jamba
Raid: Grid / Clique
DPS Meters / Threat: Recount / Omen
Mail (Incoming): Postal
Mail (Outgoing) BulkMail2
Wealth Managment: Auditor



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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

Not all of the mods I've listed are UI mods, but I do use them for multiboxing.

I've written some autoit scripts to make it easy for me to copy savedvariables from my main account to my other 5 accounts. This lets me keep all my toons in sync. These scripts are written specific to my PC setup so sharing would not really work.

Reflux - I use this to copy a standard profile setup for addons based on Ace profiles. Have to be carefull of some addons since I don't want all of my toons to use the same profile: example, stealyourcarbon, don't want all toons to purchase pet food, etc.

Autobar - I've created an extra bar for food and water that has 4 buttons tht always show. Makes it easy to have everyone eat or drink whatever food/water they have.

Jamba - use for autorepair, autosell junk, and the normal multiboxing stuff.

stealyourcarbon - use to puchase water, arrows, reagents, pet food.

ammo-matique - use to auto equip ammo and warn if low. Don't use to purchase ammo since stealyourcarbon will do that.

Bazooka - use instead of titan panel or foobar.

Altoholic - just started using. Displays errors when first using on a toon but eventually stops.

toomanyaddons - create a profile for each class, profession, leveling guide. Copy profiles from main account to others so all in sync.

VendorBait - makes it easy to select quest reward worth the most for vendor resale.

quartz - casting bars

Arkinventory - bag/bank display.

AutoItemStartQuest - automatically open items which start quests.


MoveAnything - I use this to position various UI elements. I then copy the savedvariable from my main account to my other accounts. Everything shows in the same place on all toons.


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

I'll just list the unsung heroes addons.

smartbuff - add "/click SmartBuff_KeyButton" to the same key you use to follow and you have a set and forget self buffing system.
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... -buff.aspx

GTFO warns you if your toon is steping in fire or getting aoe rained on and whatnot. sometimes even warns you up to 2 seconds before the damage area lands. To hear if your slaves are steping in goo and whatnot go to each respective toons sounds settings. Uncheck all types of sound. enable/check sound in backround.
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... /gtfo.aspx

Combuctor a great bag addon that saves you time and avoids headaches.
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... uctor.aspx

Postal - Loot everything in your mailbox. a huge time saver
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... ostal.aspx

RangeDisplay - with follow enabled your toons are about 10 units behind you. this little addon lets you know how far away you are from your target. therefore you never need to wonder if your slaves are in range.
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... splay.aspx


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Re: UI mods for multiboxing

Here is my list with comments:

Arkinventory - The bag inventory system that is hands down the best, it's NOT super light weight though. Write special rules, setup compartmental bag space based on your own system. Color bag slot items and sort on any number systems associated to items.

Bartender 4 - Buttons and Bars, nice since the last patch added in the location tab per bar.

Jamba - nuff said

Align - only during setup of a new team.

ACP - Addon Control Panel, ingame addon controller

Badboy - Reports spammers and gold sellers

DXE - Raiding and warning system

Gatherer - with wowhead db

Grid - for custom healing bars

Shadow Unit Frames - the best light (remember light means you don't have all options under the sun) and most configurable unit frames available

SCT - Scrolling Text

Skada - DPS/Heals/Etc

SuperDuperMacro - Long macros, starting to move away from this now that /click is built into isboxer

Talented - EVERYONE who plays WoW, not just multiboxers should be using this for specs (major time saver), import/export/inspect/save specs to/from toons/other players/websites, looks just like website spec systems.

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