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8.3 performance issues with DX11

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Post Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:02 am

8.3 performance issues with DX11

Just reporting a change to wow that happened for the 8.3 release. Ever since the patch I got very nasty 5-30s lags and freezes in areas with lots of players. Using the portals from and to Silithus was extremely deadly. Any random wow instance would freeze up and even the innerspace app crashed a few times.

This wow patch introduced memory leaks with my setup. With the 5 instances of wow the memory of the graphics card ran full (11GB) and after that it kept eating the main memory of the computer. I was sitting at 11GB gpu ram and 32gb ram completely used up. Machine started swapping to disk and eventually crashed with a black screen. Used to run smoothly with 5GB video ram usage and 20gb ram.

For some reason the DX11 configuration was not working anymore. I needed to switch to DX11legacy with the command line option.


I am pretty sure I was running in DX11 "regular" up until patch 8.3 as I needed to put the legacy start parameter in. I'm surprised though I havent seen any reports here on this issue.


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Re: 8.3 performance issues with DX11

I had the same problems, lags en freezing for many seconds when entering crowded area's.
I have changed from DX11 to DX12 and all old addons to new 8.3 versions.
Now it is better, not optimal bet much better.


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Post Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:42 am

Re: 8.3 performance issues with DX11

I think most people were already using DX11-legacy since patch 8.1

Although regular DX11 could work before 8.3 it was probably only 2080Ti or other cards with >10GB VRAM that could do it.

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