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(Solved) Close topic please :)

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(Solved) Close topic please :)

(My ISBoxer config link)

So I should start with that I am brand new to multiboxing and some obvious things I might not catch. With that out of the way lets get to my problem.

I recently made a setup with 2 accounts only to use them for gathering nodes. I followed a guide on how to do it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoG_JeuI4Fo&t=0s) using that video link. My main problem is that with using the interact with mouse cursor setup my 2nd account cursor does not line up with my main account. I have been going crazy to find out why for the past 2 days. Something to note is I am using a 2560x1440p monitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Edit: Figured it out reason for hard to align cursor is i'm using it to gather jelly which have a lot smaller hit box than normal mining or herbalism nodes. Just takes practice please close topic thanks :)
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Re: Sync cursor with gathering nodes is not aligned (problem)

There isn't anything too out of the ordinary that would prevent your mouse from lining up.

ISBoxer should be presenting a pixel x,y location the same in both windows. i.e. if you drag from top left to bottom right, the mouse should start at top left in both and hit each bottom right corner at the same time.

If you characters in the game world are not standing in exactly the same spot, with the exact same heading, with the exact same camera angle and the exact same height, then their view and perspective of the game world will be different (if slightly), and thus you will need to adjust for that. All the setups presented for gathering, where the item cannot be directly targetted/assisted, go over this, and usually with a run up to the node, and a step back with your main, they are usually close enough, that if you aim high with the main, the others are pretty much there too. It takes practice.

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