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5-lock Pet Targeting

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Post Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:28 pm

5-lock Pet Targeting


Specifically what I'm trying to do is get a different voidwalker to aggro an individual target, so I could theoretically have 5 voidwalkers all holding aggro on 5 different targets.

I'm running 5 warlocks with InnerSpace. I'm having troubles setting up something to get my pets (voidwalkers) to target individual targets. I set up a clickbar and a macro on each account for "/petattack" and placed each into different spots on the click bar. With my main lead I will click onto my target I want one of my alts to attack and use the macro, but they will do nothing. To clarify, if I click onto a space on the click bar that is empty for my main lead, the alt's pet that I wanted to use will do nothing. However, if I use the macro on the click bar for my lead, that one pet will attack my target.

I'm thinking this is because the alt doesn't know who to target. But I'm not sure how to explain why not. I think what needs to happen is I need to tell the alt who to target, but I'm not really sure how to get that to happen.

Can anyone assist with this or let me know if you have questions about anything I wrote?


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Post Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:36 pm

Re: 5-lock Pet Targeting

You need to use assist.

For WOW, this will mean using a Keystroke Action -> Named World of Warcraft Macro Action.
The thing here will be the Target box, being the recipient.

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