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WoW Could Not Load Kernal

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Post Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:03 am

WoW Could Not Load Kernal

I downloaded ISBoxer/InnerSpace today to try the 7 day trial, but encounter an error when trying to launch the game.



Running Windows 10 Build 18362.

WoW launches fine on its own, just not with InnerSpace.
Launching Steam and the DX9/DX11 profiles built into InnerSpace seem to work fine.

Can anybody advise on a solution to this?

Many thanks.


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Re: WoW Could Not Load Kernal

What version of Inner Space do you have? This error is essentially saying that the file ISUI.dll does not match the version of IS-Kernel.dll. The solution is to remove your Inner Space install, and install it again...

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