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[Retail] Druids running in to auto attack with keybinds

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[Retail] Druids running in to auto attack with keybinds

Currently my slaves are not able to cast wrath because it gets interrupted by them wanting to run at the target and melee it, while atleast they use moonfire when i use that keybind, i'd rather they didn't run forward as they did so. Some videos have mentioned roles like caster, which i have not found how to change that.

How can i differentiate between when I want my slaves to auto attack following an ability and when they will stand and cast?

Thanks in advance for any help


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Re: [Retail] Druids running in to auto attack with keybinds

You have enabled "Auto Interact with Target" for this Character Set (on the final step of the Wizard), so IWT has been integrated into your DPS keys. If you wish to alter this behavior, then you can remove the assignment on the right-hand column (not the entire entry) for Auto-IWT under the "Virtual Mapped Keys" tab of your Character Set—simply bring up the Mapped Key picker and delete the two fields.

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