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Where is the control bar under keymaps?

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Where is the control bar under keymaps?


first,iam a german girl and my english is very bad.
i want to to a clickbar for my totems,so that i can click them and all other clients to the same so all my 5 totems will be placed by clicking in actionbar 6.
i hope this is the right guide for this.

http://isboxer.com/wiki/WoW:Auto-assist ... a_clicking

My problem is.
It says: In the top pane, under Key Maps, select Control
I only can find under keysmaps:


There is nothing where it says Control.

Please help me :)


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Re: Where is the control bar under keymaps?

That's an incredibly old Wiki page that either needs to be re-written, or removed entirely, as it's currently filed under "ISBoxer 38." What that page is instructing is to create a Mapped Key by hand, which is the same thing that an "Assist and Broadcast" type of Mapped Key will create using the Mapped Key Wizard.

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