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KeyMap does not work on 2 character Set

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Post Sun Mar 12, 2023 9:03 am

KeyMap does not work on 2 character Set

Hey guys,

I ve got a keymap issue with 2 newly created char set ( Prot warrior - Ele Shaman and Fury War -Priest ) . Being quite new to ISBoxer, I created 1 key map for each char set ,with very basic command - basically 1 or 2 Heal and 1 DD

The problem happens after logging in , my char set through right clicking the char set name in Isboxer. Once in game, if I press Z on my warrior, there is no heal from my priest to him and the same happens if I press V ( Direct damage spell ) , there is no DD cast.

If i play from the priest, pressing Z and V works fine ( the heal and DD ) ; if I turn the reapeater on from the war, it does work fine as well but if the repeater is off and keymap on, it does not work at all . The follow/assist/jump/Formation works fine

Finally I must add that the problem does not happen for the 3 previously created char set ( Sub Rogue-retri Pal /Pal-Druid-Warlock-Mage/ and Warlock /Mage ) ; those 3 char set uses the same basics macro , heal and DD/ and everythoing works fine.

I join my Isboxer if anyone have an idea. I think i must have forgotten something in the 2 last char set but i dont know what

Thanks in advance and have a good day./
Char set.xml
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Post Tue Mar 14, 2023 4:18 am

Re: KeyMap does not work on 2 character Set

I think this one was answered on Discord, but it appears that the profile provided on Discord may have been different to the one attached here.

The Profile attached here does not contain any of the custom Key Maps you discussed. It also does not have a mapped key with Z as the hotkey. It doesn't even have the character sets you mention.

You've also set a Whitelist on the character set, which is preventing a number of the integral Key Maps from loading for your character set (e.g.. the ones which control Broadcasting/Repeater and the Key Maps toggle and the Party key map which is used for the Follow/Assist mechanics).

You've also changed the default assignment of Key Maps, which in itself is not an issue, as that determines the default Enabled/Disabled state for them when the team starts up, but of course you want the Toggles to be enabled all the time and even when the team starts, otherwise you can never turn things on/off. When changing the default state like this you should check that the Activate Maps mapped key will later load the ones that you have removed from the default state (if they are required) - not withstanding your Whitelist.

Anyway, it is quite hard to diagnose an issue or provide a lot of guidance when the profile does not match up with what you are describing. i.e. your created Key Maps are missing along with the Mapped Keys you mention, and all the Character Sets named don't exist at all.


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Post Tue Mar 14, 2023 11:11 am

Re: KeyMap does not work on 2 character Set

Yes the problem has been solved yesterday on Discord, as Mirai said on Discord, My mapped key folder had not char set designed in it , and the char set was not added in the \keymap\ISB42 Toggle . I did not update the post here on forums because it was a biut late yesterday evening here in Europe. Thanks for your help on Discord, guys.

Much appreciated

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