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New patch problem !

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Post Thu Nov 24, 2022 2:39 pm

Re: New patch problem !

Goswin wrote:Hi,

I've got a similar problem - invite team, follow and assist works fine with slot 2-5, but not with slot 1 (Main Char).
Copy 'n' past "/script C_CVar.SetCVar("ActionButtonUseKeyDown",1)" and "/script C_CVar.SetCVar("ActionButtonUseKeyDown",0)" did not work.
Addons deactivated except ISboxer and Ema did not work.
Export Toolkit to ISboxer did not work.
Keybindings work with every slot (except the above mentioned "important" commands).

The only change I know since I boxed last time (approx. 2 month ago) - I installed Sl on account (slot) 1 and played without ISboxer, just leveling one char.

Any ideas?

Best regards

I wonder when this will be fixed.

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Post Thu Nov 24, 2022 4:47 pm

Re: New patch problem !

When Blizzard fix their broken stuff they don't usually post about it here.

The suggestions in the previous post are all workarounds to Blizzard's broken stuff in their patch.

We are not trying to develop a patch for it in ISBoxer as it requires EVERY addon for WOW to all use the same method, otherwise one addon will break another addon etc. Which is pretty much what is happening now anyway, and then we would end up having to revert any patch we make to the ISBoxer Addon when Blizzard do eventually fix it, because it would continue to break other addons when the main cause is fixed.

So instead of breaking other addons now, and later, we are letting Blizzard's broken update break everything it breaks so people can complain to Blizzard that they broke the Addons and they don't play nice together anymore in the hope that the more voices complaining to Blizzard will get them off their keisters to fix their broken shit.


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Post Tue Nov 29, 2022 10:29 am

Re: New patch problem !

Thanks for your reply.

Unpopular solution - which works for me:
copy'n'paste my shaman team in ISB Toolkit, changed Chars in Slot 1 and 2:
Slot1: Alt (former Main)
Slot2: Main (former Alt)
Slot3: Alt
Slot4: Alt
Slot5: Alt

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