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Mixed group troubles

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Mixed group troubles

my group is 2 melee 2 casters.
I've tried every method i found and for sure watched MiRai videos.
But nothing works for me - casters don't assist melee or nobody assist.
I almost gave up, but then i've found accidentally 1 workaround - if instead of melee (tank, in my plans), i choose as master any caster, then all start assisting... if i switch window to any melee - no assist, no IWT.
This method is ok as temporary, but later i can't tank from caster perspective, so i would like to have warrior as master.
Maybe someone can help and fix my configuration file or point what to change.
Thanks in advance

See attachment

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Re: Mixed group troubles

So, there are a couple of minor things that won't work too well with your config.

You have SHIFT+5 bound as the hotkey to trigger Assist.

But it is also used for another hotkey, which is used to trigger SHIFT+5 on your action bars.

You've got the same thing with Follow, but that is using SHIFT+7. Its not that these things will break it all, but having hotkeys double bound is generally a bad plan, unless you are more familiar with managing state in ISBoxer.

However, that is likely not your guys problem with not assisting your melee. That is more likely that you have not disabled Key Maps when setting some in game binds while using ISBoxer, and that has meant that the Auto Assist on the ISboxer hotkey has sent it's assist command first, and your bind is now in game on SHIFT+Backspace, and not what you were intending to send it to. ISBoxer uses Backspace in the ISBoxer addon for Assist. It means you cannot use it elsewhere. This is quite common, and thus we have a FAQ on it. https://isboxer.com/w/index.php?title=F ... 7t_work.3F

Of note, there is a long list just under that, which includes other ways you can break the Assist and Follow macros. Mostly all the reasons stem from binding Backspace (or CTRL/SHIFT/ALT + Backspace) or F11 (or CTRL/SHIFT/ALT + F11) to other things in the in game keybinds (or other addons).

Also be aware that Assist only gets your other toons to take the target. It doesn't move them at all.

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