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Click to move randomly being turned off.

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Click to move randomly being turned off.

i'm currently Multiboxing 5 Shamans on Classic wow, please note its my first week multiboxing ever. i use click to move a lot for IWT but i've noticed that occasionally, seemingly at random times, click to move turns itself off on all my minions and i have to manually turn it back on. is there a hotkey for CTM that i might accidentally be pressing to turn it off? or could it be a option in EMA that i may have turned on by accident? it doesn't happen on my Master.

any help would be great



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Re: Click to move randomly being turned off.

The standard Interact With Target setup in ISBoxer does four things when you press the hotkey. Turn on Click to Move, Assist main, IWT keystroke to game, Turn off Click to Move.

If you really need click to move on, because you use to it actually click to move, then you can disable the last step by going to Key Maps, ISB42 - WoW, and shift+leftclick on the Click To Move Off mapped key, and it will go red (disabled). Export.

Chances are, if you are having trouble with Interact With Target, and need to manually turn on Click to Move, then 1. you are not using the "standard" setup in ISBoxer because it is not configured correctly (see link above) or 2. you have chosen a CPU strategy, like round robin, which is starving your games of CPU, and thus they don't always process every keystroke the receive in a timely fashion. If the latter, then you can use the CPU strategy Wizard and in the options, use the drop down at the bottom to choose the "Select all cpus for all games.... " option (the last one on the list there - it has a bunch of other info relevant to your cpu so I don't include it here).


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Re: Click to move randomly being turned off.

To add to this, I talk about this very topic more than once in my latest video series:


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