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InnerSpace & Flash Player problems

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InnerSpace & Flash Player problems

I recently got the 7 day trial to try out InnerSpace/ISBoxer for multiboxing on RotMG. I'm having a couple problems and it's reasonable to say that they are connected.
I followed the instructions given in the "How to multibox Realm of the Mad God", and discovered that I needed to install Flash Player 11, so I went to the adobe site and downloaded the appropriate Flash Player for 64bit Windows 7. After trying to update it the first time and even after restarting at the top of any Flash App it still says "Adobe Flash Player 10". (I happened to notice the Help > About button on the top bar says 10.2)
However when I go to check my version on the adobe site it says: http://i49.tinypic.com/20pzigg.png

Well I figured at first I'd trust the adobe site and of course, InnerSpace doesn't work correctly, I'm assuming it's something to do with my flash player problem but whenever I try to start RotMG via InnerSpace no fps counter shows, and hardware acceleration is on (First thing I checked)
If I try to start my character set for RotMG (3 characters) then I end up with only one window opening for my main character, the console also shows it only launching once.
There are 0 Inner Space files available for patching.
Successfully executed '"C:\Users\----\Desktop\Meh Rotmg.exe"'.

| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Preparing to launch Character Set 'WizKidz'
| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Settings imported from ISBoxerToolkit.GeneralSettings.XML
| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Making sure Characters in Character Set 'WizKidz' are valid...
| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Good!
| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Launching Character Set 'WizKidz' ...
| 10:50:08 ISBoxer: Launching Slot 1 Character '----------'
Successfully executed '"C:\Users\----\Desktop\Meh Rotmg.exe"'.

Also is there any chance me using an exe for launching Rotmg could be causing any problems?

My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ and the drivers are up to date.

I hope I can get this problem resolved before my 7-day trial is up.

Edit: I'm going to try to uninstall flash and install it again.

Edit2: No dice, still says Adobe Flash Player 10 at the tops.


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Post Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:28 pm

Re: InnerSpace & Flash Player problems

I'm pretty sure the issue here is that you have and are using the the wrong version of Flash Projector for Inner Space.

When I launch (completely independently of ISBoxer and Inner Space) the .exe I created using Flash Projector it shows "Adobe Flash Player 11". When I launch through Inner Space (right click, Realm of the Mad God, Realm of the Mad God Default Profile) it shows "is1 (Ctrl+Alt+1)".

Until you are able to fix this issue, I'm failry certain RotMG won't work with Inner Space. If you can get the .exe you made to show "Adobe Flash Player 11" (completely independently of ISBoxer and Inner Space) then I am confident the rest will work.
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Re: InnerSpace & Flash Player problems

Yep, I fixed it, just recompiled my project. When I created the project the first time It was done under Adobe 10, I completely forgot that projects are separate from normal Adobe flash.

For future referance: Anyone trying to use a previously compiled project, make sure it was done under Adobe 11 when you/whoever compiled it. >.<

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