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HELP for auto-follow config

I made couple changed after watch some youtube videos, but look like i was getting more far away since my first config :x Some guide was good, but they all used old version of ixboxer, so i cant even followed their configuration. Please check my config xml file.

Some ideas I had followed and setup on my config. They look like this 2:
Follow Main (Slot1): Hotkey : F2, step: F2 -> 2 (slot2)
(slot2): Hotkey : F2, step: F2 -> 1 (slot1)

After export to innerspace and load the games, it was fine on couple steps stragth move when press W forward; and then the slot 2 start move away from slot 1. I was setup slot2 auto-follow slot1 on Alt+F (game default); and slot1 I on keymaps(shift+alt+M) and repeater(shift+alt+R). Lax was told many time bout turn off broadcast, but if i off it, slot2 didn't move else where. I think this is my major problem on ixboxer.

Actually, my dual-boxer don't want too expert setup like other pro ppls, just default game setting with 2 characters and always sticky together at same time and kill same target, than i will be really happy. I had 3 mains 50 toons at PvP server. And I'm using G19 Keyboard (macro) and Gigabyte Aivia M8600 mouse (macro). Both 2 was perfect on any MMORPG, its so hard to change my playing hobbit to other new keys configuration. So please just help me to find the easy way for this dual-boxer. :idea: $50/annul not real cheap, but its worth. I like SWTOR and all MMORPG. SO I like keep on track with ixboxer until i reach the finally step to playing perfect.

Any idea or good config will be very appreciate :D
swtor 2nd dualboxer.xml
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