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Missing Click Bar Image

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Missing Click Bar Image

Hi, Ive been searching for days now through the fourms but can't find the answer.

I recently installed Isboxer and have been playing around with it, but still dont fully understand how to create full mapped dps rotation etc. So I saw the post from
Riiker where he put a copy of all his mapped keys up. I downloaded it and copied it over to isboxer. This is where my problem comes in. I hit save then export to innerspace and get this error.

"Missing Click bar Image ''Mouse On.png' for Click Bar Buttons Action".

I have looked and looked just maybe Im missing something or dont understand what its refering to. This is for SWTOR. Any help on this would be awesome I really want to try out
Rikers setup.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ujig8i <--- is his setup.


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Re: Missing Click Bar Image

Answered here (for future reference).


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Re: Missing Click Bar Image

Yeah basically you will have a long and tedious process of going through and making images for each of these clickbars. What I did was click export see which .png was called for, made one and saved it to c:\program files (x86)\Innerspace\Scripts\ISBoxer Images\"image.png"

It was a process to go through and do each one, and if I would have known exactly what I was looking at I would have deleted many of the extra clickbars that exist (there are basically two sets of 4 for each "team" and then about 15 extra buttons ontop of that) as many of the click bars you will not use.

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