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Newbie questions, it doesn 't work

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Newbie questions, it doesn 't work


I use this guide to install isboxer http://isboxer.com/index.php/component/ ... ide-one-pc. everything is ok, 2 swtor session are running, but now the f*** big problem ist, that all key orders not work. i can't use both char's at the same time, only i use the broadcast option.

how can i help me, to usw both chars?


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Re: Newbie questions, it doesn 't work



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Re: Newbie questions, it doesn 't work

Sorry Lax, people like pictures. :)

First, you need to check if you have keymaps added.
1. on the top list, click your character set.
2. Check the bottom list to see which key-maps are selected. (yes mine are different)

If you have the keymaps on your character set, then
1. Select a key map that you have added to your character set (or right click and create a new one)
2. Now on the bottom list, involved the actual mapped keys.. This area is what tells you when you press what buttons to do what. But for you, just select the one that says "Activate Repeater", should be under "Always On".
3. This is where you set the key you want to use to turn on the keymap, by pressing the button at the end (black circle) it brings up number 4.
4. Press whatever button you want the keymap to do. :)
then save, and export to innerspace!

P.S. There are many things you can do with isboxer and keymaps alone, after you get your repeater's working you should create a new keymap and just explore. If you have a crazy idea and don't know how. Just post.

Remember it's not a question of whether ISboxer can do it, it's a question of how to do it.
"It's not a question of whether ISBoxer can do it, but a question of how to do it." - Zeb


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