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Inconsistent 4-Instance Login SWTOR 7.0.2b

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Post Thu Jul 07, 2022 3:00 pm

Inconsistent 4-Instance Login SWTOR 7.0.2b

When I use innerspace to launch my 4-man team in SWTOR, it sometimes works, but I usually have to fight to get logged in with all 4 characters, which usually entails restarting my computer first, then trying the live version, then the development one. All my system and component updates and drivers are current.
Here's the problem: When I click my Commando/Merc character set, it opens the launcher (sometimes the launcher shows up with only black text on a white background) and I enter my password. The launcher will then either work correctly (not often) and move to the stage where it loads something and I click PLAY, or (most often) it will get stuck with the big blue loading circle. If it gets stuck I close that launcher, make sure in the task manager that it's not still running, then launch the character set again. I repeat that process over and over until all the characters are successfully logged in. Once I have completed that, everything works fine and I have no complaints. I just want to be able to log in without 15-30 minutes of fighting it to get logged in. I know SWTOR may not be the most current or popular game, but it is my favorite, and I love using your software when I can get it to work. Can you help me please?

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Re: Inconsistent 4-Instance Login SWTOR 7.0.2b

The same thing has been happening to me. It got to the point where I let my ISboxer subscription expire because its too hard to get into the game with more than 1 client. I will resubscribe in a heartbeat if they can fix the issues, because I love SWTOR and I love multiboxing it.


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Re: Inconsistent 4-Instance Login SWTOR 7.0.2b

I'm unable to reproduce this issue, I've not caught a failed launch. Currently it sounds like a compatibility issue of some sort, where the game is crashing silently during startup.

Please provide Compatibility Diagnostics from ISBoxer's Help menu, or ideally a crash dump from swtor.exe could be found under "%LocalAppData%\CrashDumps" (you can press Windows+R and paste that into the Run box)


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Re: Inconsistent 4-Instance Login SWTOR 7.0.2b

This thread seems much the same as this other one which has a possible suggestion.

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