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ISBoxer Configuration for SWTOR and Many Others

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ISBoxer Configuration for SWTOR and Many Others

Hey All SWTOR People looking for a good Key Mapping for ISBoxer.

EDIT: Updated Current Config with more Keymap divisions as well as Action Target Groups to easily change from different types of characters on each account. This is still a base 2 Account setup but will work with 4 with minor changes. 4 accounts is too much for me to manage to keep the game enjoyable. 2 Characters and 2 Companions can take most Heroic 4's and Flashpoints. Only the very movement induced technical versions of those give lots of screen switching trouble. The game is sooooo much better now.

I Also Highly Recommend a Logitech G13 (I use) or Razer Tartarus to play with. It makes healing and combat in Operations, Solo Play, and ISBoxer Play so much better.

It has taken awhile to understand what is going on between ISBoxer and SWTOR to make things reliable. Was not so simple actually. So I kept at various methods and came up with this one. Also works very well on other games as well (tested this on LoTRO, Neverwinter Online, Age of Conan, and The Secret World).

I hope this saves many here the pains and make your gaming MUCH more fun!

Benefits of this Configuration is that the character you are controlling is the Self which everyone else will referenced to. This way you can start the fight as Tank then switch to DPS or Healer is you want and not affect the Tank's Aggro and Melee. This is REALLY important because you DO NOT want the Follow Command to happen all the time. Also I have the Slot2 visualization window set really small to improve performance but also make click switching super simple. You can do all sorts of crazy things following this configuration XML or simply copy and modify your own Hotkeys. As long as you follow how the Hotkey Sequences function they any hotkeys will work fine.

SWTOR Note: It seems the Latency between Computer-InnerSpace-Swtor makes ALT+, CTRL+, and SHIFT+ combinations unreliable when clicking really fast or using a gaming board like what I use being the Logitech G13. So any scripts need to have 100ms delays inserted....for example. Pressing the G15 Key which I have Programmed for 1 - 1500ms - 1.....basically does the Quick Bar Button 1 twice waiting for the Global Cooldown in between. In the G13 I had to insert 100ms between the 1 Down Press and the 1 Release. So basically the G13 'Holds' the key down for 100ms. =D This really helps with latency issues to make things more reliable.

G13 (and others) have a really nice benefit of being able to press one key and have four keys blast through. Example being SWTOR Pushback or Special Abilities like Venting Heat or the Quick Reload etc can be place in say 90-= keys...whichever is not in Cooldown is executed in game. ISBoxer handles this really well as well. Something to keep in mind.

ISBoxer Configuration: Attached in XML. Drop in => C:\InnerSpace (or where you have InnerSpace installed)


Character Sets: SWTOR_2C <= For 2 Accounts. For More Accounts Copy this and Set Up for your Accounts. 2 will be most common since we have 2 companions as well.
KeyMaps Assigned:
Always On

KeyMaps to Character(s):
I have now turned on all Keymaps to SWTOR_2C Account. No more dragging and dropping to change a character combination.

Action Target Groups:
This is where you will click on SWTOR_2C then click on 1 and 2 to choose which groups the Account should be part of. Once you are done. Save then Export to Inner Space. Do this on the fly for changing conditions!
- Cover mechanic works perfectly and only on the Cover Group.
- Tank Closing/Leaping works perfectly. *Only issue here is the Jedi need to be quickly switched to and controlled to get back in Melee range because of the minimum range of Leaping. Ranged Tanks have zero issues with this.
- Healing (my CTRL Keys Bar) is fluid and works very well. Almost as good as solo play. Add in Combat abilities to the Non-Healers and they will automatically do those while the Healer roles through the Healing Abilities.
Groups Included:

Variable Key Strokes:
Most Hot Keys are configured in here that will be called from the Key Maps and Action Steps from within those Key Maps. You can change the Variable Keystroke which will change everywhere or better is just point to a different Variable Keystroke in that particular Action Step. That way only THAT particular Hot Key Combination is changed and not ALL games. <=

I tried to keep the Key(s) you press the Same as the Hot Keys the Game needs to execute a button/ability. This helps keep things straight.

Letter Coding and Concept:
- Almost all keys are used on Self (Current Active Target Display) then distributed how they need to be....All Others, Action Target Groups....etc
- These primary steps are Prefixed with A_ or DPS_ or something like that
- The Secondary Steps or Commands are prefixed with Z_
- This keeps things very organized and easy to make modifications to while you are playing.

To Clarify:
The concept behind this method is when a 'Key' is pressed it will roll through what it is supposed to do. For example....
1) pressing the 1 Hotkey (#1 Key for a Quick Bar 1 button)...runs the DPS_1 KeyMap (in Combat)
2) Step 1 Runs the Z_Assist Script/KeyMap in Combat on Self (Slot 1) .... Assist Target has no Hot Key assigned to it but runs two actions that make Assisting Slot 1 Targetting work very reliably.
3) Step 2 Runs the QB Main Key 1 on All (Slot 1 & 2)

So you can see from the above that from within one press of the 1 key there are two things (or more) that can be completed. What is really good about this is Each Action from the Hot Key is doing multiple things in itself as well. Even if a command does not happen now and then no problem. SWTOR is really strange with some key presses not functioning at all. Just keep the Down Up on the key presses to 100ms or more and things seem to work just fine.

In the middle of combat if you want to move your team around just press F11 (Follow and Assist) then start attacking again to return to DPS. Keeps things fluid and dynamic instead of frustration!!

Key/Mouse Broadcasting:
is usually turned off unless I want to click on something in both characters at the same time....mission rewards or buttons. I will also turned it on when I want the characters to dance or emote at the same time. Works well.

Lastly are the SWTOR Key Maps. I will place below what works the best
**These are what the configuration is based upon!!

ALT+F1 : Companion Bar Button 1 (Attack)
ALT+F2 : Companion Bar Button 2 (Passive) <= Nice for getting the companion out of AoE things. Make Heroics SOOOO much easier. Simply Switch back to attack after cleared.
C - Character Sheet
Y - Trade Skills
M - Map
Z - Cover In Place (for Agents/Smugglers)
ALT+Z - Cover Behind Something (for Agents/Smugglers)
F7 - Weapon Toggle
F8 - Assist Slot 1 Target (Acquire Target of Target and Assist)....this is F8 is many other games as well.
F9 - Run/Walk Mode Toggle
F10 - Forward Lock Toggle
F11 - Follow Target <= REALLY Important!!!

Quick Bar 1 (DPS and Energy/Focus Management):
1 - Attack
2 - Attack
3 - Situation Instant Attack (like when an enemy is burning/charged which enables the situational attack ability)...or perhaps any short duration cast attack
4 - Channeled Attack
5 - DPS Heavy 1
6 - DPS Heavy 2
7 - DPS Special 1
8 - DPS Special 2
9 - Ability Special 1
0 - Ability Special 2
- - Ability Special 3
= - Ability Special 4

Quick Bar 4 (CTRL+) **Remember to Hold Down the Key Combination for 100ms or more
1 to 7- Healing for Healers and Combat options while the Healer is Healing
8 to = Open for clicking specials.

Quick Bar 5 (ALT+) **Remember to Hold Down the Key Combination for 100ms or more
1 - Shield
2 - Escape Stun
3 - Interupt
4 - AoE (No Click Target Types)
5 - AoE (No Click Target Types)
6 - AoE (No Click Target Types)
7 - Class Specialty...Healing Targets for example would go here.
8 - Class Specialty...Healing Targets for example would go here.
9 - Class Specialty...Healing Targets for example would go here.
0 - Class Specialty...Healing Targets for example would go here.
- - Cleansing Spell/Buff/Stim
= - Medpac

Quick Bar 6 (SHIFT+) **Remember to Hold Down the Key Combination for 100ms or more
1 to 7- Choice (Good for Target AoE and things that require Manual Style Controls)
8 - Stealth Mode Toggle
9 - Sprint Toggle <= I know you may want to Sprint everywhere....BUT....keep in mind the Follower in tight areas....recommend toggling Off prior to combat!!!
0 - Scooter/Mount <= Super Easy All Character Mounting
- - Buff <= this the class specific buff ability that you can cast on the group or others strolling by
= - Recharge/Recover <= Nice to see both account characters recover at the same time. XD!!

I Really Hope this Configuration takes the headaches out of the trial and error of getting your ISBoxer Configuration working reliably. As stated above this method will work very well for any game. Just add the Game Type Characters and Copy the Character Set and configure for a different game. The Hotkeys are very portable as long as your In Game Hot Keys are the Same.

Updated SWTOR Config with Action Group Targets
(255.63 KiB) Downloaded 676 times
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Re: ISBoxer Configuration for SWTOR and Many Others

Thanks for this, helps out a lot :D


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Re: ISBoxer Configuration for SWTOR and Many Others

Can you save your key presets within SWTOR and post the XML file here so we can import it? Things like "Weapons Toggle" and other key maps, I cannot seem to find.

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